Meet your very smart,
super helpful new baking assistant

With Drop, the iPad-connected kitchen scale and digital baking assistant, you’re on your way to creating one perfectly yummy masterpiece after another.

SUPPORTS  :  iPad ( Air / Mini / 3rd and 4th gen)

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For anyone who bakes, it all comes down to the finished product. After all, who wants a… #BakingFail ?

Making sure everything comes out fantastic, and outrageously delicious, means you need to get a lot right. From finding a great recipe in the first place, to not blowing the measurements, substitutions, timing and calculations along the way. As your trusty digital baking assistant, Drop is there by your side to make sure everything goes smoothly, precisely and according to plan.

Drop takes the mess out of baking—including the hassle of doing mental arithmetic when scaling recipes. You bake, it does the math.

Less cleanup sound good? Using the Drop kitchen scale often means single-bowl baking.

Just choose one of many tasty interactive recipes Drop offers and it guides you step-by-step, suggests substitutions, and updates your shopping list.

Plus, you won’t get your iPad all sticky–when you add an ingredient, Drop automatically takes you to the next step in the recipe on your screen.

If you leave the kitchen, Drop will even alert you on your smartphone when it’s time to remove your delicious treat from the oven.


Here’s what Drop brings to the table


Find that perfect recipe quickly and easily with Drop’s streamlined search tool. From sweet treats like cakes and cookies, to savory delights such as pizza, bread and scones. We have you covered.


Our beautifully illustrated app, makes browsing through hundreds of high quality curated recipes a mouthwatering pleasure.


When it comes to recipes we’ve focused on quality over quantity. Our hand-picked recipe selections will bring you the best of the best.


Effortlessly halve, double, or quarter a recipe. You can also re-scale a recipe based on how much of an ingredient you have left.


Missing an ingredient? No problem, Drop has you covered by offering the best suggestions on alternative ingredients to use in your favorite recipes.


Missing lots of ingredients? Drop’s shopping list feature lets you keep track of the things you need and will sync with your iPhone so you can check out your list on-the-go.


Drop brings the ancient recipe format—ingredients, method and image—right up-to-date by turning recipes into a step-by-step visual experience, rather than relying on all that text.


Ever spent ages getting that focaccia dough just right, only to burn it in the oven minutes later? Never again with Drop’s nifty in-app timers.


So you started a timer and then left the room. Now what? Drop will alert you on your iPhone, or other favorite device, when it’s time to check the oven. #nomoreburntcookies


Sharing is caring right? Drop makes it easy to share great recipes, tips and photographs with your favorite social media platforms.


Take a photograph or it never happened! At Drop we know that food and photography go together like, well, bread and butter. Drop encourages you to take and share photos while you bake.


Apart from the drool-worthy photos, what else convinces us to try recipes? The reviews, of course! With Drop, reviews are much more social. You can even comment on an individual step. 

Drop offers you an amazing collection of unique interactive recipes for scrumptious baked delights.

Each recipe has been carefully selected not only for its off-the-charts yum factor, but also consistent success with the help of Drop. Drop is your guide to flawless baking, beginning with proven recipes. Get ready for rave reviews from the people in your life lucky enough to enjoy and share in your baking. …here’s a little taster to wet your appetite…

The Deets on Drop

Weight: up to 6kg and down to a fraction of a teaspoon
Material: FDA approved non slip Silicone
Devices: iPad Air / Mini / 3rd & 4th gen (Android coming soon)
Companion App: iPhone 4s / 5 / 5c / 5s, iTouch 5th gen.
Battery: Coin Cell (included)
Expected battery life: Up to 2 years
Dimensions: 135 x 160 x 25 mm / 5.5 x 6.5 x 1 inch
Weight: 300g / 10oz

* specifications subject to change

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